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SideKick Productions brings you a look at all areas of today's media intensive society. From Sports to Entertainment, Travel to Parenting and so much more, we will be bringing you news notes, opinions and of course humor. We will provide information via blogs, youtube videos, online broadcasts and interviews of all types. Whether it is a movie actor or stay at home mom, athlete or scientist we will have a variety of guests who have an opinion and who can provide information for all of us.


Our regular hosts will be John McDevitt, Eric Lamb, Brian Draus as well as many guest hosts. Our shows will range from open to all to some just for adults. If you are a sports fanatic we have a show, a blog and opinions for you. If you are a SuperHero geek we have stuff for you too. For the Moms and Dads looking for entertainment for their kids or looking for help with today's difficult parenting situations, we have that too. 



Here at SideKick Productions we have a wide and diverse interest level and as such our shows, website and blogs will reflect that diversity. We lok forwrad to sharing our interests and opinions with you and hearing from you about what interests you as too.

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